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Interview Tips

Helpful tips that lead to success

After nailing the resume question, it’s time to meet the potential employer face to face. This is perhaps the most nerve racking part of the process and perhaps the most influential. Having a great interview is key to getting the job. The 15-20 minutes is your time to sell yourself and tell your story. You need to elaborate on your skills and ease any doubt that your potential employer may have. Below are some of the most successful interview tips we have gathered.

  1. Research - Know your employer, know every detail about the company.
  2. Practice - Be confident and know your material.
  3. Dress to Make a Good First Impression – Overdress if you are unsure because they will judge you.
  4. Be Conscious of Good Interview Etiquette – Never interrupt, always address them in a respectful professional manner.
  5. Be Prepared to Ask the Interviewer Questions - This shows initiative and that you have done your research.
  6. Follow up with a Thank-You Note – They made time to interview, let them know that.

Additionally, here are some other helpful tips one should keep in mind before the interview.

Prepare ahead

The more research you do about your potential employer, the more it shows during the interview about your drive and ambition about working with the company.

Never be late

You should always try to be at the interview 10-15 minutes early. This will give you time to settle down and relax a little before the interview.

Facts and Personality

The interview process consists of explaining your history but it is also an evaluation of your personality fit for that particular company. Staying positive and showing emotion can help demonstrate to your employer how well you can fit in the social culture of the company.

Good luck on your interview!